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1. What is Petfood?

Petfood is a business division of the Eurofish group dedicated to manufacturing Petfood on our certified production.

2. What type of food does Petfood produce?

At Petfood we produce wet petfood specifically for dogs and cats. Each of our formulas contains the essential vitamins and nutrients to provide a complete and balanced diet for pets. We always keep the health of pets in mind!

3. Do you produce with a brand? Or unbranded?

We adjust to the client's needs! At Petfood we manufacture products for companies with their own brand.

4. What is the type of formula you produce?

At Petfood we produce three types of formulas for dogs and cats: pate, chunks and gravy, and shredded meat.

5. Can newborn puppies be fed wet food?

Yes! The Petfood we produce is full of nutrients and its high moisture content makes it easier for puppies to chew these types of foods. Also, because they are still being trained, puppies are more impatient when eating and wet petfood is easier to digest.

6. What are the benefits of wet food for cats?

Wet food is beneficial for cats as it is an important source of hydration. This is very important for cats that do not drink enough water.

7. What are the benefits of wet food?

In general, wet food has high palatability (good taste), a consistency similar to natural food and helps the hydration and digestion of pets. In addition, our products contain all the necessary nutrients and vitamins for a complete and balanced diet, and have a shelf life of up to 3 years.

8. What certifications does the Petfood plant have?

Dolphin Safe
Tuna Cons Organization

9. What is the difference between wet and dry Petfood?

The main difference between wet food and dry petfood is the percentage of water each has. Wet food has a higher percentage but this does not imply that one is less nutritious than the other. The main ingredient both types of foods contain is meat, which simulates the food that our pets normally consume in their natural habitat.

10. How long does an open can of wet food last?

Wet food cans last up to 3 days in the refrigerator after being opened. However, the product must be completely covered.

11. What type of packaging do you offer at Petfood?

Our Petfood comes in two types of packaging: can and pouch.
*In addition to choosing the type of packaging, our clients can customize their measurements and packaging design (such as the printing format).

12. What is the difference between BARF food and wet food?

The BARF diet is based on the idea that dogs are designed to eat raw food, while wet food consists of food that has been processed and canned. However, there are health risks associated with BARF food, such as the transmission of diseases to pets, which are mainly derived from digestive problems. Unlike BARF foods, our Petfood go through a process of heat application that commercially sterilizes the product. In addition, our canned products do not contain chemicals (preservatives).

13. Where is Eurofish's Petfood site located?

The Petfood plant is located in the city of Montecristi, Ecuador.

14. Where do you get the raw materials for your products?

At Petfood we obtain meat, poultry and products from national and international farmers that we know and trust. Seafood and fish are harvested by our own fleet from the crystal clear waters of the Pacific.

Our petfood is formulated to provide a complete and balanced diet.